Thursday, May 12, 2016

Light and reality

The object has two deceptive images, counterposed.  First, the object is seen from above and is a circle with a whole in the center. Second, the object is seen from in front and is a square that is solid. A circle and a square cannot be one another, but both are true.

Yet in a third image we see the unity of the two images, because we can see that a cylinder sits before us which looks like a square when seen from above and like a circle when seen from above. The third image presents a "whole real."

But this truth, which is taken for truth (wahrnehmen, one might say), is also false.

For what is deceptive is not the view, but the light. The light illuminates, we say, and in so sayinng we imply that things are what they appear to be when we have woven together various appearances.

We have the man when we witness him in each state of development and growth, from walking on four to walking on two to walking on three.

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