Saturday, February 11, 2012

Old post, unpublished: Blogtastic!!!

I shall not disclose how originally I came upon this set of sites, but I strongly encourage you to skim through some of the many blogs of this person "Happeh," which is apparently pronounced happy.

I think this may be an original thinker. This person may be a genius. The proof that Happeh adduces for his/her claims comes almost wholly from photographs, but what is unique is the way that s/he draws on those photographs to bring out the energy, pyramid or Cyclopean eye.

Reading, or rather, briefly perusing these blogs, gives me a profound joy, that I can only call "energy," in honor of my new model Happeh.

The primary reason, I suppose, is because I am trying to discover the motivation behind this person. Clearly Happeh is concerned with masturbation. S/he also has some significant knowledge about the world and, in particular, about medicine. But Happeh is also a philosopher. Consider the following quotation, from a post entitled, "Episode 82 - Don't try to help people." The blog from which this post is taken concerns a cartoon called Dragonball Z.

"If you are ever in a situation where you are counting on people to be smart and to understand what is going on, don't do it. Just as this cartoon shows, people will usually do the stupidest thing possible, and that stupid thing will almost always cause you grief."

The second reason is because this person continually refers to his/her own theory, with the following rhetorical gesture: "According to Happeh theory, ..."

Also, see the first post from the venerable "Secret's of Life Blog." Amazing insight!

Keep an eye on this one. We haven't seen the last of Happeh (s/he's already published a book!).


Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

$20 for a 90 page book?

DOCTOR J said...

Happeh Theory provides the reader with ideas and tells the reader they are connected.

I think I'm going to start teaching this way.

DOCTOR J said...

Also, I'm confused by your confusion about Happeh's gender. It seems fairly clear to me that he is a man who likes to take pictures of his own penis. And then to apply Happeh Theory to it, of course.

Chet said...

you just couldn't resist that one, could you.

but perhaps you are right.

DOCTOR J said...